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Gundagai, NSW - Residential Solar Installation

In Gundagai, NSW, Pro Green Energy installed a comprehensive solar system designed to meet the energy needs of a modern household. This installation emphasizes the integration of advanced solar technology to maximize efficiency and sustainability.

Project Specifications:

  • System Size: 10.56 kW
  • Solar Panels: Jinko all black N-type 440 watts panels
  • Inverter: Alpha Smile 5 kW inverter
  • Storage System: 10 kW
  • Installation Standards: CEC accredited, ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards for safety and efficiency

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73.4 KWh/Day

Average Energy Generated

69.27 KWh/Day

Average Consumption

15.26 KWh/Day

Average Grid Consumption

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I was initially overwhelmed by the thought of solar installation. But Pro Green Energy's team took the time to explain everything clearly and answer all my questions. They made the whole process incredibly easy and enjoyable.
Peter C.

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