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Cobar, NSW - Commercial Solar Installation (commercial)

In Cobar, NSW, Pro Green Energy implemented a high-capacity solar power system tailored for commercial use. This project highlights the benefits of solar energy in reducing operational costs and enhancing sustainability.

Project Specifications:

  • System Size: 30 kW
  • Solar Panels: Jinko N-type 440 watts panels
  • Inverter: GE 30 kW three-phase inverter
  • System Type: On-grid
  • Installation Standards: CEC accredited, ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards for safety and efficiency

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5750.80 KWh/Month

Total Energy Generated

400 AUD

Average Daily Income

1265.18 AUD

Total Income Generated

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We were worried about the aesthetics of solar panels on our roof, but Pro Green Energy assured us they would look great. They were absolutely right! The system is sleek and modern, and it actually adds a touch of sophistication to our home.
David & Lisa W.

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